There's something at the end of this tunnel. Something precious to me.


A girl enters a mysterious tunnel. She has one goal: Reach the end of the tunnel to retrieve something precious.

The problem is that darkness closes in every minute or so, and you must be safe at home when that happens. You can't go out to the end of the tunnel and back right away-- you must collect resources and place powerups around the tunnel to help you get around faster and faster until you can retrieve what's at the end and return home.


WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement

W, Up, or Space - Jump

Space or Enter - Continue dialogue

1 - Cast Light Socks

2 - Cast Portal

3 - Cast Doublebuff

Important Things!

You will need to venture out and return Home safely multiple times in order to eventually venture out long enough to reach the end and back.

Shards: Collectable items found along the way. Bring these back to craft Powers that will help you get around faster!

Memory Shards: Collectables which give insight into why our heroine is here. They also give a few seconds to your total time on each adventure!

Light Socks: A Power which temporarily increases your speed. Any tiles you touch will light up, letting you move faster on them in future runs!

Portal: A Power which opens a portal that spans a large distance. Place these frequently to make back-and-forth traversal effortless!

Doublebuff: A Power which temporarily increases your rate of Shard collection. Use it when you see a huge clump of Shards!


Design/Narrative - Mindy Chi (@impuuuu)

Programming - Matthew Zhang (@1f1n1ty), Olivia Elmers, Mindy Chi (@impuuuu)

Art - Terry Nguyen, Elena Liem (@elenalpaca)

Sound - Grant Ross (@grantross1) (soundtrack here)

Special thanks to our mentor Alyssa Tan (@_alyssa_tan), who gave a lot of guidance on how to make a game ~ juicy ~ and even strapping down to help us in the unholiest of hours.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsimpuuuu, Onefin
Made withFL Studio, Unity
Tags2D, Narrative, ut-game-jam
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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