Made for Ludum Dare 44 (Life is currency)

Note: Please play the Windows build if possible! Having resolution issues with WebGL.


What is life to you?

Something to buy and sell.
A thing to protect.

Play as a merchant in the Halfworld which lies between life and death. Purchase and sell items between two cities for profit, and battle monsters between the areas.


Use your HP to purchase items at the store of each city. The items you purchase are consumable items that can be used during combat. They can also be sold for a profit, to gain life back. The city with the blacksmith has cheaper physical items, while the city with the sorceror has cheaper magical items. The game is meant to be retried multiple times.

Recommended strategy: Purchase as many cheap swords as possible with some HP left (5-10). Leave the town. Use the Wooden Sword on low HP enemies and higher attack swords on higher HP enemies.

Once in the sorceror city, sell all your leftover swords and buy as many spells as possible with some HP buffer. Repeat back and forth until you have 100 HP and win!

Restart and try again if you die.


Made with:

Jake Crabtree

Ali Kedwaii

Grant Ross

Jeff McMillen


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