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Gotchapon VR

A throw-em-up  (this is meant to be a play on shoot-em-up) combined with cute creature collector! In VR!

Built for Oculus Rift S. Made during VR Austin Jam 2019.


Wander Pon Valley where giant creatures called Pons roam. You have a trick up your sleeve though: A tiny Pon named Gimlet you can throw at the Giant Pons to weaken them and a Shrinker that can reduce their size so they can be captured! Actually that's two tricks so good thing you have two sleeves! Actually there is a third trick and that is the jar you use to capture them with so I dearly hope your bottomwear of choice has sufficient pockets! I have made a lot of assumptions about your clothing choice but let's move on to how to play the game.


Throw cute things to capture cute things!

Left Stick hold: Aim to teleport

Left Stick release: Teleport to a valid location

Right Trigger hold : Get your next Pon ready for flingin'!

Right Trigger release: Throw that Pon as far as the Valley wind will take 'em

Left Trigger: Fire Shrinker

X: Toggle Shrinker/Jar

How To Play

Teleport into flingin' distance of a Giant Pon. Use Right Trigger to throw your own Pons at it to reduce its HP. Use your Shrinker to shrink it down from its unnatural, disgustingly large size. You can only Shrink a Pon as small as its HP is missing.

Once its size bar hits 0, take out your Jar and go pick it up! Now you can use this Small Pon to fling at Giant Pons!

Also avoid the big blue sparky things flying at you. You can also destroy them with a Pon.


Mindy Chi - Designer/Programmer

Ali Kedwaii - Programmer

Isabelle Avena - 3D/2D Artist

Brian Kim - 3D/2D Artist

Emily Meo - Audio


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